The Saint, the Martyr and the Peacock, a Native American Story is a work of fiction, fact and fantasy. Approximately seventy-five per cent of it is true. There is a real peacock, Iñigo, who came to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine, Florida. He came of his own accord from the Fountain of Youth Park next door to the Mission Church and grounds.

   Kateri, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks, is the first canonized North American Indian and Joseph, the martyr, a Timucuan Christian, both of whom appear to Iñigo as apparitions; however, the history of their lives as indigenous peoples is true. The book relates the adventures they share as original dwellers of the New World.

   The story of Juan Diego and Guadalupe, the origins of the statues, La Leche and Notre Dame de Foy, and those described in the Church are accurate as well as the Great Cross, the descriptions of the buildings and the grounds at the Shrine. There really was a Martyrs Event and there is a Festival of Lights each year in the city. “Living Nativities” are common in the South at Christmas time. Sans peacocks!

   The Servants of God, the indigenous Indians: Joseph, a Timucuan, Antonio de Cuipa and the cheifs , Don Patricio and Don Andres, Appalachian chiefs, Eladio and Roberto, Yamasee, are all under study in the La Florida martyrs Vatican investigation for potential canonization.

   Our Lady of La Leche is responsible for countless children who were conceived after fervent prayers to her from infertile couples.

   The Coronation of the Virgin of La Leche, having been delayed due to the Coronavirus, will take place in the future.

   I take full responsibility for Iñigo’s wonderfully humorous personality and frivolity; he has been an absolute delight to work with! I wrote this small work celebrating the conversion of indigenous peoples as a gift for Our Lady on her special day. And in thanksgiving for my own conversion to the Faith.


Nancy H. Murray

The Saint, the Martyr and the Peacock

  • 6.0 w x 9.0 h 

    ISBN 9780979363795  

    Illustrated 101 pages