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   Florida, and its sister states, is prone to hurricanes so when Hurricane Katrina slammed into Louisiana and Lake Pontchartrain spilled her banks, tragedy in sued. With 80% of New Orleans underwater diverse accounts were written but where was there a book for children? My first book to answer this need was Gullah, the Nawleans Cat Meets Katrina


   Gullah is the misadventures of a French Quarter cat caught in, and rescued from the hurricane. This heartwarming story of friendship, song and hope is beautifully illustrated by celebrated Mississippi artist Sandy Ford. It was awarded a position in the De Grummond Children’s Literature collection at the University of Southern Mississippi. It’s actually “history in a teacup.”

Gullah, The Nawleans Cat meets Katrina

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  • Paperback

    8.5 w x 9.0 h

    ISBN-13 978-0-9793637- 0 - 2

    Color illustrated

    32 pages