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The Night the Elephants Cried
A Story of the Tsunami

Winner of the 2011 International Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction

2011 International Book Awards Winner

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Can Elephants detect earthquakes,
warn of disasters before they happen?

Jerry Edmunds, London teenager, has a dream job,  working with  the  elephants on Thailand's beaches during Christmas holidays.  Befriended by a visiting American girl, he soon forgets his encounter with a menacing stranger.    His delightful holiday is complete, that is, until the night the elephants cried.

Elephants is a work of fiction, however it was inspired by  actual events. The story is anchored in the scientific discovery that elephants are able to detect seismic activity in advance of human awareness. Thailand's revered elephants rescued a number of adults and children in the Indian Ocean  catastrophe.                                                                         

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First Place Winner of Florida's 2008 Royal Palm Literary Award                                            

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Paperback: 174 pages
Language: English
ISBN:  13  978-0-9793637-1-9
Product Dimensions:  8.4 x  5.5 inches           
Language:  English
E-ISBN:  978-616-222-9418
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