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As a girl, I grew up in two worlds.  In the summer, my family moved to the beach. We lived in an two story shake-shingle house on the ocean.  There were endless sand castles to build and candles to light up the dark old house during late afternoon thunderstorms.  There were evening walks down the beach with my uncle. He would point out to sea and show me where Germans sneeked ashore during World War II. The best part of summer was drinking chocolate milk, going barefoot and not having to go to school. Summertime was for dreaming.

In the fall, we moved back to town. I lived in a two-story brick house.  The St. John's River was a block away shaded by huge oleander shrubs. There were rules of the house, blue uniforms with "Peter Pan" collars worn each day, and rides in a green bus to an all girl's school. There was Latin to translate, math to master, Shakespearian plays to understand and Miss Emily to read with delight.  In case you're wondering, that's Emily Dickenson. I was torn.  How could I be the reclusive poet when I was so drawn to the theater?  Town life taught reality; you had to wear shoes.

Thursdays after school was the best part of town life.  I had hour long elocution lessons with a professional teacher. I would stand at the far end of her antique cluttered living room to deliver memorized lines.  Drama coach insisted I "throw" the lines like so many balls heaved forth in the air to the other side of the room where she sat. "Acting is work," she'd say, "straight from the diaphragm.

Everything she taught me paid off.  When Theatre Jacksonville scheduled a Broadway comedy about a teen-age "tomboy" determined to join the boy's football team, I landed the part--Ginger in "Time Out for Ginger." In the play, Ginger even made Life mag's cover.  The week's run was hugely successful.  That's when I learned you can do anything you want to do, if you believe in yourself and work hard. 

So here I am today, a writer.  It's been a long trip and I've done many other things in-between.

I continued my acting in Little Theater, became a Registered Nurse, served at the Lourdes shrine in France, and helped build the log cabin I live in.  One of the best things I did was to have four children! Always reading, always writing, I launched an online news journal. But when a little black cat shoved me into story telling, I began writing fiction. At last, I'm a writer of books.  Welcome to my world. I hope you like it!